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Dr. Kelley & Dr. Kemmy

Welcome to our site!  We are passionate about helping people navigate their health and healing. Be sure to hang with us here for a while and check out what we have to offer!

Your Oil Docs have combined clinical experience of almost 40 years. We’re thrilled to open our toolboxes, just for YOU! With books, blogs, classes, workshops, online events and a podcast…you’ll be fully equipped to get in the Driver’s Seat of your health and healing!

Our bodies are a series of adaptations and compensations. It’s likely you’re visiting our site due to your body being out of balance from something in your past you may not have completely healed from.

We want you to get to know your body and tap into its bio-computer to see where it may be short-circuited. Is it physical, from an old injury? Is it mental/emotional, from an unhealed event in your past? Or is it chemical, from what you are putting in, on or around your body?

The key to health and healing is creating a life you love…Let us help you uncover the physical, mental/emotional, chemical and spiritual roadblocks and get you back on the road to good health!! Check out our Testimonials section to see what other's have to say...and Don’t forget to subscribe to our Newsletter and receive your FREE Driver’s Daily Checklist!

Our Passion

We are passionate about helping others uncover the physical, mental, emotional and chemical roadblocks to good health. We'll help you troubleshoot what is going on with your body, mind and spirit.

“Dr. Kel listens carefully and sees things so clearly. Her intuitions are sometimes startling. Even before she tested me, she had a strong sense of my food intolerances and nutrient deficiencies. She helped me develop a food plan and suggested certain essential oils for support. I trust Dr. Kel. She has the science — and the art — of healing. She engages me as a whole person and considers my thinking, my physiology, spirit, emotions. I laugh a lot with Dr. Kel. I appreciate her. I’ve met many people whose lives have also been touched by her. A woman I met here on the Cape was telling me about the remarkable healing she’s experienced with Lyme disease. We hugged and laughed when we realized we were both patients of Dr. Kel in Wellfleet! I’m so glad to know she continues to contribute so much to so many." -Elizabeth J. Provincetown, MA

We are...

-Oily AF
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Oil Docs Talk

Welcome to our Podcast!!! At Oil Docs Talk you’ll find up to date information on nutrition, essential oils, holistic health & personal development. You'll also hear interviews with other great minds in the holistic health field and get to know us personally :)


08: A Deep Dive into Plant-Based Medicine
07: Exploring Functional Medicine, Food Prescriptions & the Rainbow Diet Philosophy
06: Simplifying your Business with the Zimmer System

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Are you a hands-on, muscle testing person?

We love to teach The Body Scan Technique; a powerful process to support the body using essential oils and bio-energetic corrections.
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